The Home Server Show 118

It’s the last podcast of the year and hopefully we can revive the talk about WHS version 1 a little bit.  We also go over Jim’s Drobo posts and what we got for Christmas!  Next week is CES so we talk a little bit about Vegas and the new CES 2011 live feed page as well.  Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

Note:  I compiled a separate download (AAC) for iPod,  iTouch, and Zune listeners to test.  Give it a test and tell me what you think.  I put in a few chapter markers in this version.  Find the link below.  The feed will remain .mp3 for now.

I’ve also encoded the .mp3 differently so let me know what you think of the levels and sound quality.  I think it’s a tad low but I’ve yet to test it while driving down the road.  That’s my ultimate litmus test of “listen-ability.”  The intro music is a bit jumpy level wise at times.  I’m working on that.

CES 2011 Live Page

Microsoft solicits feedback for Vail and gets an earful –

All the Drobo you can possibly handle!

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