The Home Server Show 115

Episode 115 is ready for you after the guys take a week off for a much needed vacation.  Actually, it was just bad luck that Dave’s vacation landed right in the middle of the biggest news period for Windows Home Server this year.  This is a long show and there is plenty to digest.  We have news, forums, the Orlando meetup, and plenty of Drive Extender and HP talk.  Beware though, Dave has a cold and cough and is a bit cranky throughout!  This was a fun episode actually.  The live ustream chat was very helpful and interactive with the show’s content.

Server Transfer Manager for Vail

More UPS talk.  I think we bring up batter backups every other show!

Battery Replacements for your UPS – Thanks to almock in the live chat.

Paul Thurrot on Drive Extender DE is DEad

Edd Bott on Microsoft communication foulups

Duplicate File Finder Review by MysticGeek

MyMovies for iPad – Complete retraction of previous comments by Dave.  This is a must have for MyMovies owners.

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4 Responses

  1. Homeserver says:

    Thank you Brian. It's always nice to hear from you. I hope you will accept my apology. When I first read the description compared to the price i popped off and said it was too expensive. I stated in a later show that I should try it before judging and like all other MyMovies products I loved it.

    At this point I would pay an additional fee for more features. That's how much I like and value it. You have done a great job. E-Mail on it's way. Thanks again!


  2. Binnerup says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am glad that you (after all) like My Movies for iPad.

    We are near ready with the first update to the application, which will be uploaded to Apple very soon. Given your comments on your son’s usage, I am sure you will like the updated functionalities – try to watch this preview video:

    Contact support(at) if you would like an early preview of it.

    Regarding playback of your titles – it requires us to create a transcoding server, but be sure that this is something we are looking at doing as well.

    Best regards,


  3. John Koch says:

    Just listened to my final HSS show 115. Good job. Fist you certainly got thosw deckchairs on the Titanic nicely rearranged and then you went into that sweet Vail is going to have some something for us 'whistling round the graveyard' segment. It was a real keeper.

    WHS is dead and listening to you guys talking up drobo and icy dock just made me laugh and laugh. What's next floppy net

    Anyway give me a couple of days and I get you the 'OS/2 warp will never die' group email list and you can get some tips on running a podcast for the six guys in your living room.

  4. Homeserver says:

    Hey look, John listened to another show. I thought 114 was your last one!