The Drobo / WHS Add-in Challenge

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3 Responses

  1. grwww says:

    This is silly, the right answer is to put WHS on a virtual machine inside Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux or MacOS-X and use ZFS to provide extensible, resilient storage space. That's a big win for data security, and then you can take your data somewhere else easily by backing up the virtual disk, or just use ZFS send to send any updated blocks over the network to another ZFS instance that is your offsite backup. This is a lot easier to manage, and you get something much more performant than what Drobo is doing. They haven't even announced a USB3 or Thunderbolt connection yet, and frankly, for the price you pay, there really should be some performance in the system. If their software processing is so "slow", they should be using some hardware assistance out of a GPU or something else that would allow them to pump the data through much faster.

  2. Jim C says:

    grwww…I currently have a Drobo with a USB 3.0 connection on my bench. I do agree with your VM point but that is not the exercise. Thank for your feedback.

  3. Levona says:

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