The Christmas Vacation 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Box Set Unboxing

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I recently picked up one of my favorite holiday movies on Blu-Ray and thought I would share an unboxing with you.  I’m am sure that my fellow Windows Home Server colleagues who are keen to a good unboxing will enjoy this one.  Without further adieu, I present to you the  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Collectors Tin Un-Boxing.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 012 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 013

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 015 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 014

Lets start with the packaging.  This tin was covered in a thin plastic that was easily removable.  The plastic also served as a means in which the stores can place their pricing upon so not to ruin the collectors value of the tin.

The tin was wrapped in a cardboard Blu-Ray box material that had Blu-Ray logos on the sides and an alternate rear cover for the DVD box.  It gently slipped off the tin much like the icicle launching out of the rain gutter and into the neighbors stereo.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 017The back of the tin  features a cast photo and the remains of the “fried pussy cat.”  I know you are anxious to see inside so let’s proceed

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 021 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 022

The Blu-Ray DVD case separates itself from the norm by it’s green hue.  The “fried pussy cat returns as the main graphic on the disc itself but I know you have your eye on all those goodies that were included in the collectors edition.  Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 026

Here is a good look at the “Collectible Moose Mug Figurine.”  The packaging was most impressive.  The mug was encased in bubble wrap and sealed by an outer layer of plastic.  If you can recall, Clark and Eddie were enjoying some nog in the “Moose” mugs which harkens back to the original Vacation movie where the Griswold’s visit Wally World and it’s Moose mascot after a brief drive from Chicago to California.  This is a Blu-Ray exclusive item.  You cannot get this in the standard DVD version.  This is reason enough to jump aboard the Blu train don’t you think?  Did you ever receive a Miniature Mug Replica after purchasing a streamed movie?  I don’t think so.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 028

This is a 4 piece coaster set.  The coasters were in a plastic bag that had a fold-over flap that had a stick substance in which sealed the bag.  The bag is save-able as the sticky substance allowed the bag to open easy.  The coasters have a photo front with a memorable movie quote as well as a cork bottom.  They should serve well in protecting furniture from the condensation of nog that will stream down the “Collectible Moose Mug” or any other beverage of your choosing.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 029 CV2 Unbox 003

Here is button that you may proudly wear to your Christmas functions and parties.  The front of the button is a good quality product but I was surprised that the back was simply a safety pin that was fastened to the back of the button.  Of all places to cut corners I am disappointed that it was done here.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 030 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 041

When I was contemplating the purchase I was wondering how they fit a full size santa cap in the collectors tin since the tin is not much bigger than the actual Blu-Ray case.  They did this by vacuum sealing the folded cap in a plastic sealable bag.  When I tore the bag open the cap sprang to life much as we all do Christmas Eve when we hear the clatter of hooves on the roof.  The cap has the familiar moose stitched to the white rim portion and the cap is very soft to the touch.  I am guessing that the size is an 8 or larger.  It should fit nicely on any adult who chooses to don it at Christmas parties.  I suggest a bit of spiced rum in your party nog in order to make you a bit more interesting.  Stories about the Moose cap will no doubt wear off quickly.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 032 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 033

The last collectible item is a blue box of instant snow powder.  Inside the box you will find a small packet containing a white powdery substance.   In order to preserve the value of my collectors edition I will not be using the instant snow powder but the back of the box states that it is in fact re-useable.  Add water to activate and let it dry out to re-use.

CV2 Unbox 001 Christmas Vacation Unboxing 037

The movie presentation was good.  It auto started directly to the movie without any previews. I liked that fact.  The movie looked good but remember that this is a 1989 production so it’s not going to be perfect in it’s 1080p form.  The disc also has a commentary from cast and crew which I hope to go through soon.  Chevy Chase (Clark W.) is not listed in the commentary.

I’m sad to report the Blu-Ray version does not include any “unrated” clips so the dreamy pool scene is still cut short by a tongue fungus little girl that is looking for Santa.

If you are a fan of Christmas Vacation you will enjoy this collectors edition tin.  However, I suggest you put some thought into whether you will use the collector items or store them before purchase.  I have struggled with this during the entire unboxing.

Thank you for reading my first unboxing attempt.  I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Vacation Unboxing 034


If you enjoyed this please go subscribe to my YouTube channel,  Thanks all.  And from Clark Griswold and myself, to you.  “Merry Christmas. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Happy Hanukkah.” 

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5 Responses

  1. vinylfreak says:

    Got my tin yesterday. Truly one of the greatest Holiday movie ever made. We watch it several times throughout the Holiday season at our house.

    I do wish they would have included more extras on the BluRay. It was pretty sparse.


  2. Homeserver says:

    Hey Tim. I was only going to get the DVD but they didn't have any at my local BB so I picked up this thing. Love the movie. I've owned it on VCR tape, DVD, and now Blu-Ray. It is a shame that there weren't more extras on it. It would have been cool to re-visit with the cast and hear their thoughts on it. I need to watch the commentary version first though.

    I hope everyone can appreciate the humor in this post and my poking fun at the "un-boxers." The last photo is not meant for anybody, just good hearted Clark W. Griswold fun.

  3. BeerBaron says:

    Haha, very funny. But this will certainly help me get into the Christmas spirit already.

  4. CablDeViL says:

    Uggg is it Christmas already…………………

  5. ImTheTypeOfGuy says:

    Where are you getting this from? I can't find it online anywhere.