Tentacle Software Blackbox CTP for Windows Home Server

Tentacle Software Blackbox is a Windows Home Server Add-In that provides in-depth monitoring of motherboard hardware sensors and configurable alerting rules to notify the server administrator when a sensor exceeds a defined threshold.

System Requirements

  • Windows Home Server Version 1
  • Motherboard that supports hardware Sensors – Most ITE * chips, CPU thermal sensors, hard drive SMART sensors, and UPS Battery Sensors are supported.

Note: This release of Blackbox is not supported by WHS Vail. It’s also not supported on WHS running as a VM.

Install Blackbox Addin

You can install the Blackbox addin the same way you would any other addin for WHS. Place the TentacleSoftware.Blackbox. file in the Add-Ins folder in WHS.

Then log into the WHS Console, select Settings, then Add-ins. Under the Available Add-Ins tab find Blackbox and click Install. It only take a few seconds to install, and after it does, you will need to log out on WHS Console then back in.

After logging back in, click on the new Blackbox icon you see at the top and you’ll see a list of columns showing Hardware Sensors and Alerting Rules.

You can easily change the view of your sensors and rules by right-clicking a listed sensor and select to group by Monitor Name, Monitor Class, or Sensor Class.

Set the fan speed from the context menu connected to Fan PWM sensors by dragging the slider to the right or left, or keep it in automatic mode.

Set Alerting Rules

Click the Alerting Rules tab to create or edit rules. To create a rule expand Create New Rule and select the sensor you want to be alerted on. Then select if you want to alerted when the value compares is greater than, less than, equal to, is not equal to…etc a specific threshold.

Then select the action to take if the event happens such as log the alert to file, Create a WHS health Notification, Change system power state, and  more.

For example here we set the action to log the alert to a file. Select the path for the file, then click Create Rule.

After rules are set you can go in and reset or delete them.

If you are looking for a way to monitor your home server’s motherboard hardware sensors in a very detailed way, Blackbox for WHS is definitely worth a try. The amount of sensors you can monitor and alert rules you can create is quite remarkable.

Right now the call is for CTP Testers and you’ll be able to find more info at the Tentacle Software Blog.

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