Synology Makes DiskStation (DSM) Manager 4.3 Official for Network Attached Storage

Hey Synology owners, DSM 4.3 is ready for you!  Disk Station Manager, or DSM, version 4.3 will be released tomorrow (08/27/13).   We got the beta bits on July 9th, but this one is the final! So what’s new?  Let’s touch on a few things before you head off to download the new DSM.

Dont have a Synology NAS yet?  You can get into a 2 bay version for $189.99   Link – 2 disk model for as little as $189.99 at

This is a great way to store a second copy of your data in your home.  I use a two bay version in a JBOD setup.  So I have two, 2TB drives, setup in a manner that gives me 4TB of storage.  If one drive fails you lose pretty much everything.  It’s a secondary storage for me so that’s ok.  I get secondary storage and I can take advantage of all the apps that Synology has out for Android, Windows Phone 8, and iOS.  A bunch of other goodies as well.  Don’t want to run JBOD? Don’t! Synology Hybrid RAID is a great way to let Synology optimize the redundancy in your NAS.  Peace of mind.

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Ok, go ahead and start your download from the Control Panel, and DSM Update Icon.  But come back here and finish this article!

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.44.20 PM


Cloud Station is now 30% faster with delta-updates

Linux users are now supported with an official desktop client.

DS Cloud has been enhanced with selective sync; allowing users to select which file types, even down to which documents get synced.

 Improved mobile apps – iOS, Android, and Windows Phone updates

Photo Station global search – including meta-data

SSD Caching on selected models

ADS Trusted Domain support

TRIM support for SSD

Read more about the changes in DSM 4.3 here.

Learn about  DSM here. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.57.01 PM

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