Synology DSM 5.2 Beta Available with new Features

Network attached storage maker, Synology, has just released a new beta of their web based management tool.  DSM, or Disk Station Management, 5.2 is available for testing with several improved features and a couple new ones.


A major new addition to DSM is Docker.  You can already install a ton of utilities and software programs on a Synology NAS but Docker is taking it a step further allowing you containerize installs of popular programs without a need of a full guest OS installation.


Installing and using new server applications has never been so convenient. Do you need a new clean environment for your web app, easily transferable to the production server? Start, stop, and monitor your installed containers from the unified dashboard and evaluate your resource needs. Docker creates a lean container embedding just the necessary libraries, unlike virtual machines which need an entire guest OS to run.

Notestation, the Synology equivalent of Evernote or OneNote is getting a web clipper, task management system, and other improvements.  File Station can now mount cloud drive storage such as OneDrive, DropBox, and Google Drive, making it seem as if the files are right there on your NAS for manipulation.  There is more.  Check the source link below for more features and how to get started with the beta.

Source: Synology DSM Beta 5.2

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