Synology BeyondCLoud

Synology recently announced a new product named BeyondCloud.  It’s a full Synology system populated with hard drives for those “Not so NAS Savvy” folks.  It’s a great system to recommend to friends and family members that might not be comfortable with setting up a RAID Mirror or making decisions during a lengthy setup.

The setup is crazy easy.  New BeyondCloud users simply plug it in and launch a website to find their new NAS. A couple of clicks later and the NAS configures itself.  Synology makes it even easier by offering a set of instruction videos to guide the new owner through setup and in using the device.  See those videos here.  For more information on BeyondCloud see the videos below.

I unbox the BeyondCloud Mirror in the video above.

I show how easy it is to plug in and setup with the BeyondCloud Mirror in the video above.

If you need even more here is the video of Synology at CES 2015


BeyondCLoud on the web.

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