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Are you getting excited about the upcoming Surface launch from Microsoft?  Yeah, me too!

I took a little time in episode 201 to introduce It’s a great new site for Microsoft Surface and OEM tablets running Windows 8.  It’s a community rather.  A blog, forum, and podcast dedicated to tablet computing with Windows 8.  All driven by it’s members.

So far at SurfaceGeeks I’ve covered a little bit of news and done some recon work on the new Microsoft Pop Up Stores.  The first podcast has also been published, although it’s more of a placeholder show for backend work.  The Twitter account is active, @surfacegeeks and the forum is also starting to gain members.  A small note on the forums.  There is a piece of software that allows me to converge the HSS forum ID’s to the new SurfaceGeek forum.  That would be a cool thing, IF, it was stable.  I don’t really want to monkey around with the HSS forum at this point  If you want to join forum you will need to get a new ID.  Nothing stopping you from duplicating what you have at HSS though and it is a fairly painless process that many HSS members have already completed.

Needless to say, things are moving so fast that I could use some help with blogging, podcasting, and moderating.  My hope is that this site will grow and get pretty darned popular.  That means i can actually pay the hard workers behind the scenes.  I’m far from that right now but that is the plan.  Contact me if you want to explore some of the needs of  Also, more info here.

Feedback!  I could use some.  Tell me what you think. I’m excited about the future of Microsoft, it’s new hardware prowess, and the future of portable computing.  I am hoping you are too.

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