Supplemental Cooling for my Gen8 MicroServer and P222

By: John Stutsman


In preparation for the Home Server Show Meetup on September 20, 2014 (see “Meetup 2014 Registration and Info”) I wanted to show participants modifications I had made to my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer as well as, “hopefully”, an interesting demonstration of how it all works together. This blog posting is intended to summarize the basics of what I’ve done with my Machine as demonstrated at the #BestMeetUpEver.


Cooling the CPU Heat Sink


4 Evercool EC3007M12CA installed on CPU Heat Sink

After installing my Xeon E3-1265Lv2 and lapping my warped heat sink I ran some of my own and reviewed other’s Temperature Tests and decided, at least for myself, that I was more comfortable running with the BIOS fan settings on Increased Cooling, but there were times when I wanted to be able to test things at the Optimal Cooling BIOS fan setting. To increase my comfort level I looked at different ways to add additional cooling to the CPU.

I tried to mount 2 Noctua 40x40x10mm but found I lacked adequate clearance to reload the system board in the MicroServer so I ended up just mounting 1 Evercool 30x30x7mm EC3007M12CA on the CPU Heat Sink .

Later, with additional Evercool’s, I mounted 4 Evercool 30x30x7mm EC3007M12CA fans on the CPU Heat Sink on my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer. For power to the 4 Evercool fans I modified a Molex to 3 pin Fan power adapter with 3 additional 3 pin Fan connectors soldered on.

Video:  Cooling my CPU Heat Sink


Cooling the Broadcom Chip at Location 13-LOM


Enzotech BMR-C1 installed on Broadcom Chip

HSS Forum member “FireBaall” outlined a process to apply the BMR-C1 to the Broadcom Chip on his Gen8 MicroServer in the HSS Thread “G8 Sensor Location?”.

Following the “FireBaall process” I used an Enzotech BMR-C1 to cool the Broadcom Chip at Location 13-LOM on my Gen8 MicroServer.

Video: Cooling my Broadcom Chip



Cooling the P222


Supplemental fans cooling P222

HSS Forum member Tangcla started a Thread P222 Temperature in Gen8?”.


During the back and forth in this thread Schoondoggy noted in message #18 that on page 32 of the “HP Smart Array Controllers For HP ProLiant Servers User Guide” (HP Part Number: 469988-009, August 2012, Edition: 9) that the operating range of the Smart Array Controllers is 10C to 55C.


With that information, many of us in the Forums started looking for ways to bring down the temperatures on our P222’s. I was encouraged by the performance I saw with a 2nd BFB0512LD directed towards the P222 Heat Sink that brought the 10-PCI1 down close to 50C range.

Resulting in:

Video: Cooling my P222


Fans Used:

2 Schoondoggy Blower Fans – one directed to the back of the SDM and the other directed towards the P222 Heat Sink: Delta Electronics BFB0512LD

30mm Fan: EverCOOL FAN-EC3007M12CA

40mm Fan: Noctua NF-A4x10



Temperature performance with P222 supplemental fan additions


As-Built (and as exhibited at September 20, 2014 HSS Meet-up in Indianapolis #BestMeetUpEver)


As built with 8 drives installed (see list below)



  • HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer w/Xeon E3-1265L-V2
  • Cooling the CPU heat sink: 4 EverCOOL FAN-EC3007M12CA
  • Working Drive 1 (D): 2 WD Red 1TB Model WD10JFCX in RAID1 on B120i Ports 3 & 4 mounted on SDM (“Schoondoggy Drive Mount”) plus Delta Electronics BFB0512LD for SDM cooling
  • Working Drive 2 (E) (VM Drive): 2 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD in RAID0 on B120i – Ports 1 & 2 of B120i
  • P222/512 FBWC
  • OS Drive (C): 1 Corsair GT 240GB SSD (mounted in Icy Dock EZConvert MB882SP-1S-1B) in RAID0 on P222 512 FBWC Ports 1, Bay 1 of Main Drive Bay
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64b
  • iLO Advanced License
  • Working Drive 3 (F): 3 ST3000DM001 in RAID5 on P222/512 FBWC – bays 2-4 of main drive bay
  • Cooling the P222: EverCOOL FAN-EC3007M12CA; Noctua A-Series NF-A4x10 40mm; Delta Electronics BFB0512LD
  • EnzoTech BMR-C1 to Cool Broadcom Chip (Location 13-LOM)
  • Forward SFF-8087 Cable for B120i: StarTech Model SAS8087S450 19” (50cm) Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable – SFF-8087 to 4x Latching SATA
  • Various Molex and SATA power connectors and adaptors including: Dell MX714 Floppy FDD to SATA Power Converter Cable; StarTech Model PY02SATA 6” SATA Power Y Splitter – see references for additional cable/connector call-outs
  • Various Fan power connectors and cable ties – see references


Performance (as exhibited at September 20, 2014 HSS Meet-up in Indianapolis #BestMeetUpEver)

Picture21 8drivesInstalled

Temperatures with all 8 drives loaded as indicated in As-Built List Above

Additional performance numbers and graphs will be posted at a later time.



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SDM (“Schoondoggy Drive Mount”): SGDM-SDM Pre-Production Review: HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer

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