Streaming Mega Episode on Home Server Show

Richard Gunther from The Digital Media Zone joins me to talk streaming services and devices.  We are tossing a very wide net on this show in order to come up with what might be the best hardware and services for streaming of TV and Movies whether they are rented or your own.

Richard Gunther @whatimpressesme @whatannoysme The DMZ

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Thanks to Richard and the DMZ for podcasting with me.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Any video this week?

  2. Steve says:

    Good show!

  3. Richard Gunther says:

    Since recording this show, a number of people have pointed out to me that you can get your own media to a Roku box if you run a Plex server in your home. This is a solution I completely overlooked. Additionally, you can access your own media through the My Media feature of Roku's PlayOn app if you're a PlayOn user. Speaking of which, MediaMall, the makers of PlayOn, have just released My Media as a free service that you can run on your PC without having to buy PlayOn. So there are now at least three different solutions for watching your network-based content on a Roku in your home!

  4. Primal Ed says:

    My setup is as follows:
    – BeyondTV for DVR (Over The Air)
    – Plex for serving up DVR and local media (configured to use MediaCenter Master metadata)
    – MediaCenter Master for movie metadata
    – Amazon Instant Prime / Netflix / Hulu / Vudu (Public Cloud)
    – Plex (Private Cloud)