Storage Spaces-Server Essentials RC

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5 Responses

  1. @_TheJason_ says:

    What HDDs are these? WD Green drives?

    • PCDoc says:

      Yes, these are WD EARS drives. That has been the baseline in all the testing so I can have a true comparison. Obviously, faster drives will yield better results but the comparisons including the RAID card have been consistent.

      • @_TheJason_ says:

        I think your speeds are pretty good. I've got 4x2TB EARS on a 2720sgl. Your CrystalDiskMark tests are better than mine. Sequential I get 181/211 MB/s read/write. For ATTO, your reads are about 10% slower, but your writes are 10% faster (on average across all sizes).

        However, my array was about half full when I did the testing, so that would impact the scores somewhat.

      • @_TheJason_ says:

        Sorry, I should have said your RAID speeds are good :)

  2. StanC says:

    What RAID card did you use for you test.