Storage Spaces Performance-Server 2012 Essentials

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8 Responses

  1. jam3ohio says:

    Nicely done, Doc!

  2. Jim Collison says:

    Great job Mike and some very helpful resources. I am sure we will quote this post for months to come!

  3. Chris says:

    Does Server 2012 fix the issue in Windows 8 where your storage space was limited by the smallest drive in your pool (i.e. two 2TB drives and one 1TB drive would only yield 3TB of usable space, rather than 5TB of usable space…not including formatting loses of course)? I know it reports all the space as available, but once your file transfer goes above the smallest size limit it fails.

    • Ben says:

      Would like to know this as well, please!

      • Chris says:

        If I get the chance I'll dual boot Server 2012 over the weekend and test out the storage pooling. I'll report back with my findings.

      • Chris says:

        So, on the Enterprise Build 9200 (yes, the leaked copy on the web…purely for testing on my part) everything seems to be working fine. I hooked up a 160GB and a 20GB HDD and created a no-resiliency storage space which yielded about 155GB of supposedly usable space. On the older builds, copying data would normally stop around the 40GB mark (limited by the 2*20GB), but I've currently copied over about 85GB worth of data and it's still running strong. I'll let it finish up to ensure the entire space is usable, but I see no reason it won't be. All in all, good news.

  4. hvakrg says:

    Kind of weird that you only get 60+15+2 MB/son your copy test, personally I am currently moving my data from my backup drives to my server and I seem to always max out my 1Gbit network when I do this, and in a very balanced way with 30ish+30ish+30ish MB/S