SSD Caching on Hyper-V

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6 Responses

  1. @welchwerks says:

    can i ask? is the ssd on the same 6 gb controller or 3gb as the raptor. very nice write up

  2. Timekills says:

    The SSD is on a 3Gb controller, while the Raptor is on on of the 6Gb controllers.. I wanted to see if it would work across different controllers as long as they were all Intel.

  3. Joe_Miner says:

    Thanks TK for the nice write-up of your analyses. This is very useful to know.

  4. fredp1 says:

    Nice write up. Just one question. My understanding is the SSD can accelerate a port or a volume on the Z68. So if you have a RAID volume on the Z68, you can use the SSD to accelarate that volume. From what I have read, you must let the raid volume complete its initialisation process first. Once that is done, the option to accelarate the volume is activated.

  5. tinkererguy says:

    This is a great write up! You inspired me to do some testing on my Z68 motherboard, so I typed up the results, where I compare using a 3 year old SSD to a new SATA3 SSD, which made a big difference for my 3x1TB RAID0: