SplashTop with Windows 8 and Server 8 on iPad

By: John Stutsman

I listened live to “The Home Server Show 180” and one item in particular caught my attention. It was their discussion of a new App called SplashTop and how it could be loaded onto an iPad and linked into Windows 8 – enabling the user to experience Windows 8 touch capabilities on the iPad and even use SplashTop as a testbed for Metro Apps development.

On their website SplashTop stated:

I found this possibility of experiencing Windows 8 Metro touch on my first generation iPad very intriguing.

That night I went to the page for “The Home Server Show 180” and in the show notes I found the link to SplashTop.


At SplashTop’s website they outlined three easy steps to get SplashTop up and running Windows 8 onto my iPad. Actually, Windows 8 will be running in a VM on my MicroServer and SplashTop will in essence do a remote desktop into Windows 8.


I went into the ITunes Apps Store. SplashTop is pricey at $24.99 but my wife and I had credit from gifts that had been sitting in iTunes for over 2 years — I went ahead and purchased SplashTop.

Anyone who uses iTunes knows that loading a App onto an iPad is a easy and straight forward process.

Downloading the Splashtop streamer and moving it to my Windows 8 VM running on my MicroServer was easy and straight forward also. I did observer that the minimum CPU requirement that Windows 8 be running on recommended for the Streamer was at the edge of performance of my N40L so I had a few concerns on how good this would look and work on my iPad.


The SplashTop Icon on the iPad


If you click the arrow on the right you can enter your SplashTop password for your Windows 8 machine you wish to select as well as set up your preferred screen resolutions on the iPad. Clicking the Computer icon on the Left of the screen takes you into Windows 8 Metro!


When you go into Windows 8 Metro SplashTop provides you with a menu of hints on various ways to navigate around the Windows 8 screen


The next screen of more hints available from SplashTop


The windows 8 Metro screen on the iPad via SplashTop


More of the Metro tiles -- just a finger swipe away!


A finger swipe on the right edge of the tablet exposes our "charms"



Another look at the Apps on the Metro Screen


Jumping to the Desktop by just hitting the tile.


The charms actually make sense now – they are easily exposed by swiping the finger right to left on the right edge of the screen.


IE-10 at our favorite site in Windows 8 via SplashTop on a iPad


While testing SplashTop with Windows 8 I began to wonder – would SplashTop work with Server 8 Beta?

I copied the Streamer to one of my Server 8 Beta’s running in VM’s on my MicroServer and installed it as the Administrator. As the next screen shows — It worked!

SplashTop screen on iPad showing icons to link to Windows 8 (named Aurora on my System) and Server 8 Beta (named Triad on my System)


Here we are at my Server 8 – Server Manager Dashboard displayed and controlled from my iPad


The Charms can be finger swept just like in Windows 8


A simple swipe of the finger and I have metro/Apps in Server 8 – displayed and controlled on a iPad


Finger swiping to the Settings menu on Server 8


Computer Management in Server 8 via my iPad


In the short time I’ve used SplashTop on my iPad I’m really liking it and it has given me a much better appreciation for Windows 8 than I had previously. I believe I have a lot more testing/playing ahead of me. What I see as icing on the cake is the ability to also remote into my Server 8 beta from my iPad!

Who would have thought I could be running MicroServer VM’s of Windows 8 and Server 8 on my first generation iPad! This is just plain Cool!


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  1. iqmango says:

    Looks gorgeous – a great piece of amusement for a geek. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. That's so suprise when I read this article, great post!