SilverPAC evolution 5500 Remote uses Windows SideShow

Here is a quick video on the SilverPAC evolution 5500.  It’s a universal remote control that has Windows Media Center controls built in, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.

Imagine sitting on your couch while watching TV, and being able to check sports scores, weather, read email, or even look up movie times, all without having to get up from the couch to go to the computer. The evolution 5500 universal remote control makes this possible using new Windows SideShow technology. The 4.3” color touch LCD gives you full control over your home entertainment system, lighting and HVAC, and your mobile PC or desktop computer. The Microsoft Green Button also gives you direct control over your digital entertainment library on your Windows 7 computer through the Windows Media Center.

Here are the specs:

• 4.3” LCD (480 x 272) with Touch
• Energy Efficient ARM926EJ-S 400 MHz Micro-Processor
• 1 GB NAND Flash Memory
• 802.11g SDIO Llow Power Consumption Wi-Fi
• 3 Axis Motion Sensor
• Ambient Light Sensor
• Capacitive Buttons
• 5-Way Built-In Navigation Hard Keys
• Stylus Pen
• Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
• Wireless Streaming Content
• Microsoft Media Center Green Button
• Supporting 100 Devices
• Activity & Advanced Learning Function
• Home Automation Lighting and Curtain Control
• Rechargeable 3760 mAh Dual Cell Battery
• Firmware upgrade
• USB Charging
• Built in Mono Speaker and Microphone
• Z-Wave
• RC6
• Photo sync from

It can be purchased now for $799 during it’s beta test program.  Retail cost is $1299 and it expects to ship in April 2010.

    You can learn more about the evolution 5500 here.

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    3 Responses

    1. ImTheTypeOfGuy says:

      Looks like an awesome device if it actually works. A bit risky given it is a new company. My like if I bought it, they would go under and it wouldn't work very well.

      Anyone considering the device?

    2. ImTheTypeOfGuy says:

      Was my concern valid? Their website has been down for two days.

    3. Angel says:

      The price is too high: $799 to $1299 for a such a bulky unit. I am surprised that NO ONE has created a tablet-based, Media Center remote control unit with X10 compatibility.