Silicon Dust HD Home Run and Cable Card at CES

CES opened it’s doors today and I headed straight to the Silicon Dust booth which was situated way in the back of the South Hall.  Upon arrival I found the HD HomeRun and their new cable card demo.  It was cool to just stand there and listen to the HDHR guys talk to Cable Labs and I got to meet up with the Niveus Media Center guys.

There is a video on the CES 2010 link that shows all the boxes.  I also got word that they will have an 8 tuner box this year.  It will be mainly for large distribution of content, so your apartment buildings, etc., but I’m sure the enthusiast community will be all over it as soon as it is released.  No date or cost was mentioned.  Check out the photos below.

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1 Response

  1. Daleo1 says:

    The two tuner is available when? Which tuner is the one with the open board? I have to see it.

    I am packing the car now!