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Setting up eero and ScreenShot Gallery

One of the features that eero touts is a simplified setup process that would allow the everyday user to get his wireless network up and running in a flash. No fuss, no muss. After going through the initial setup, it seems to me that they’ve mostly accomplished that.

You start by downloading the eero app which at launch, is available for iOS and Android. You’re asked to create an account using your phone number and e-mail address. The phone number requirement has been met with some skepticism and concern. eero’s stance is that the phone number is used as a form of two factor authentication. Instead of a creating a password which some may forget or create one that is not very secure, you are sent a verification code to access your eeros. In my case, the app automagically recognized the text message I received and moved on to the next step without having to do anything else.

Once your account is created, eero takes on the daunting challenge of ensuring that people will be able to identify their modem versus their router. It does so by explaining what each component is and some stereotypical illustrations of what they would look like. They provide a step by step walkthrough of what to unplug, what cables to disconnect, and where in the chain of devices to place your eero.

Once eero is plugged in, the app will search for the eero and connect it to eero’s servers to add it to your account. Give your eero a name and after 30 seconds of background magic, it’s setup and ready to create your wireless network. Enter your desired SSID and password and eero is all set.

The whole setup process took no more than 5 minutes, including the initial account setup. We’ll find out how well eero performs in the coming weeks, but “appifying” the experience certainly makes installing a router/access point a lot more approachable and streamlined. Simplified setup indeed.

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