Server 2012 Essentials and Hyper-V at Home

I’m going down the path of transferring from Windows Home Server to Server Essentials 2012 R2 Update.  I’ve got Drashna and Diehard to bounce some ideas off of.  I’ll tell you the options I faced when choosing the base OS considering I want to run Hyper-V and some VM’s for certain duties.  We take an hour and a half of your time to discuss it all.  I’ll set a date for Meetup 2014 and share an interesting lesson.

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Links and Notes for this episode

DVRMS ToolBox Create a Recordings Scratch Drive


Media Browser Server

Media Browser 3 Does Live TV

Migrate your WHS v1 data over to WHS 2011 with DrivePool

Migrating from V1 to Drivepool:

Hyper-V 2012 Backup Best Practices

Client Hyper-V (Windows 8 Pro):

Windows ADK for “WDS/network restore”

“How to” setup WDS/Network Restore

And hey, it even shows off HyperV on how to restore this way!

850 Gig Limitation for Azure Backups


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2 Responses

  1. Susan Capes says:

    I just listened to the podcast three times. It's simply a mess because you (Dave McKay) keep saying Essentials When you mean Server and Server when you mean essentials. In the end nobody knows what you are talking about and if you can in fact run Hyper V on Essentials. Next time you try to talk about similar named products write out each with the relevant capabilities of each then try not to keep misquoting one for the other.

    • homeservershow says:

      Thanks for your feedback Susan. I have yet to listen back but I apologize if it seemed messy to you. I didn't realize I fumbled it. Honestly, it is messy. In my situation, Essentials Role is running on Server 2012 R2. I also run the Hyper-V role but by your comments you already realize that Hyper-V runs on Server 2012. You can in fact run Hyper-V on Essentials if that is what you are asking. I thought it was clear in my questioning to Drashna that you can do that. His answer was very concise in what you can run inside that VM. I also thought it was clear that you could run other VM's on Essentials outside of it's licensing agreement. Thanks for listening regardless. I'll mention it in the next show.