Security Essentials latest update won’t install on WHS

Nov 11,2010

Recently I got a Windows Update message on my WHS telling me that there is a update available to Security Essential.


This is the same version I have on my Windows 7 box. 2.0.522.2


Currently, The version I have installed on my WHS is 2.0.375.0

If I run the update, it fails.


WHS error message.

This is because the current build, released Nov 9,2010. version


I tried downloading the current build to my WHS and did the UNBLOCK thing and in Properties, I choose run as XP, it still won’t install.

So it looks like Microsoft patched Security Essentials latest build to exclude XP and WHS, So if you want to install Security Essentials on your WHS and use the MSEN add-in, find yourself a copy of version 2.0.375 before it’s to late.

John Zajdler.

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