SageTV Add-In Feature: #1 Sage Recording Extender

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5 Responses

  1. usacomp2k3 says:

    That's an awesome add-in.

    Does it work the other way around too? If you are recording a show that comes on after the football game, will it delay recording the show for the same amount of time or at least extend it that time also?

  2. ohpleaseno says:

    Unfortunately, no, but I'll ask the programmer about that and see if it is something doable.

  3. Homeserver says:

    This is awesome and I agree about the racing. That would make it complete. Media Center take note!

  4. ImTheTypeOfGuy says:

    Looks complete without the racing, however, where is college lacrosse, wrestling, cheerleading, volleyboall, basket weaving. If it is college, then it is sport.

  5. ohpleaseno says:

    The ability to monitor live sports is totally related to the ability to find a reliable online source that he can tell SRE to look at. Apparently, the online sources are the main hanging point. NASCAR used to be on there, but it was pulled because the data source was unreliable.