SageTV Add-In Feature: #1 Sage Recording Extender

An occasional series to give brief write-ups on some of the different add-ins that make SageTV a uniquely powerful PVR.

Have you ever set a football game to record on your PVR and hoped that it didn’t go into overtime or that the 1:00 game didn’t extend past 4:00 when your PVR was set to end the recording?  You can usually set your PVR to extend a recording as a matter of course for every live sporting event as an insurance policy against missing the last few minutes of the game.  But, how would you like it if your PVR could query the internet to find out if the game is still in progress and adjust the recording automatically? Sage Recording Extender (SRE) by SageTV coding genius Slugger does exactly that.

SRE works in the background and monitors recordings to see if any of them are live sporting events.  It then checks that event against a web service that will tell SRE if the game is still in progress.  It starts checking toward the scheduled time the recording is supposed to end and will check at a certain interval to see if it needs to be extended.  It will extend the recording for specified intervals until the game is reported as a final.

The beauty of the Add-In is that there is not much to it.  Because it is a background process, there is nothing that needs to be done to maintain it unless you want to change the interval it looks for a final score or what the maximum time a recording can extend to. There are some other tweaks to be made, but not many. Once you get it started, SRE does all of the recording monitoring and handles it all from there.


The settings panel on SRE. The simplicity is what makes it great.

SRE monitors the following sports:

  • NHL Hockey
  • MLB Baseball
  • NBA Basketball
  • NFL Football
  • College Football (Division I-A and Division I-AA only)
  • College Basketball (Division I Men’s only)
  • Women’s College Basketball (Division I only; starting with v2.1.2.356)
  • Men’s and Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey (Vancouver 2010 Olympics; v2.4.1.774+)

The only downfall is the lack of racing support (as anyone who recorded the 2010 Daytona 500 can attest to, sometimes races can go into overtime as well). To read more about SRE, check out the support thread over at the SageTV forums or visit the Google Code page where you can also find a userguide.

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5 Responses

  1. usacomp2k3 says:

    That's an awesome add-in.

    Does it work the other way around too? If you are recording a show that comes on after the football game, will it delay recording the show for the same amount of time or at least extend it that time also?

  2. ohpleaseno says:

    Unfortunately, no, but I'll ask the programmer about that and see if it is something doable.

  3. Homeserver says:

    This is awesome and I agree about the racing. That would make it complete. Media Center take note!

  4. ImTheTypeOfGuy says:

    Looks complete without the racing, however, where is college lacrosse, wrestling, cheerleading, volleyboall, basket weaving. If it is college, then it is sport.

  5. ohpleaseno says:

    The ability to monitor live sports is totally related to the ability to find a reliable online source that he can tell SRE to look at. Apparently, the online sources are the main hanging point. NASCAR used to be on there, but it was pulled because the data source was unreliable.