Review: WDTV Live Hub – The Good The Bad The Ugly

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11 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    Dude, The Remote is Bluetooth, not IR. Also, the favorites functionality allows you to jump directly to any folder/File/App you want. If you allow time for the library to build and also pull movie and music info from the web, it will allow you to categorize all your content. It appears you haven't thoroughly explored this equipment before writing your review. I've had this Hub for the past few months and it does basically everything I need for allot less than an HTPC.

  2. Keeper says:

    Add another HDD via USB.. how hard that can be unless I am missing something and I agree on a NAS server, I have a 8 TB (6 usable) Disk Station from Synology feeds the whole home, monitors (camera) and does more including feeding to WDLTV. 1 TB is for those heavy 18GB BD rips…that what I use it for

    • @ShadiEideh says:

      my Synology 411j is on the way with 8TB worth of disks…i was looking to moving my video library to it and stream to my WDTVLive..can you explain how you're feeding content to it from the Synology NAS ?

  3. Chappy says:

    Heh. The remote is /totally/ an IR device, so line of sight is needed to control it. Range is about 6 or 7 metres.

    I would like to see an 'info' button, so I can see the tech specs of the media file I'm playing, and if you have a movie collection of 1,000's on a NAS somewhere it can be a little slow navigating around, but it's easy to do.

    Small, silent, plays everything (You want to play BD ISOs? Really??). Oh, wait, some trouble with multichannel (5.1 etc) AAC soundtracks. Otherwise, nearly perfect.

    I've recommended it to all my not-quite-so-techy friends, and have given one as a birthday present, and one as a wedding present. They're all happy too.

  4. Tony Leonard says:

    Th is WDTV Live Hub is the best thing since sliced bread, it does offer direct access to folser!!!. As for getting the same kind of experience from an X-Box 360, you can only wish for that…

    As for storage, it sees your whole network, theres no limit there, it streams at gigbit speed. As for the interface, you can customize your graphic covers, folder cover and see it in various ways, it supports backdrops for all your movie selections and media can be directly downloaded from the net…

    As for the remote, why would you have to hide the box anyway… Did you mention ther is a web remote, you can even use a cell phone app as a remote.

    You should have spent more time enjoying it instaed of critisizing you played with for 5 minutes…. Crappy review

  5. This is the best media server available period. It play virtually every file I can throw at it. It also serves media via SAMBA file sharing over a home network. My entire media collection, whether it is in XVID, AVC, DIVX, format with almost any extension (avi, mkv, mov, m4v, mp4, mp3, divx, m4a, ogg) plays flawlessly and can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone in my house. This reviewer either needs to learn patience or stop the mind altering drugs that are causing his lapse in judgement.

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