Replacing Drive Extender

In the forums you can find plenty of talk on Drive Extender, Vail, and it’s lack there-of.  One of the more interesting posts I’ve seen lately is titled, “I’m jumping ship.”  Zeeke explains his ideas for replacing Drive extender and other posters have jumped in as well.  Give the whole thread a read and add your solution.  Keywords seen in this thread are:  Drobo, Vail, RAID, FreeNAS, ZFS, unRAID, Aurora, Virtualization, and a whole lot more.

Here is the thread.


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1 Response

  1. JazJon says:

    The early part of this year was a sad time with no drive extender in site. I'm happy things have come a long way in a few months. I'm satisfied that I waited until mid 2011 to upgrade to WHS 2011 until StableBit DriveBender had a solid beta to through on for drive extender substitute. So far so good. I'll pass on RAID. I can only imagine the mess and trust issues I'd have should the server crash and or a drive fails and things don't rebuild as expected. With DrivePool at least I know I can read what ever data is on the drive as a regular folder. (and still duplicated)