Remote Notification Add-In for Windows Home Server gets a makeover

The Remote Notification Add-In from’s Alex Kuretz has been updated to version to 1.5.  This Windows Home Server Add-In has it’s own home on the web at and the documentation at the site is  so extensive that I hardly need to go over it!  I’m going to take a look at it anyway since I have been using the original Add-In.

The function of this Add-In is pretty straightforward.  It will keep you up to date on pretty much everything going on with your server whether your at home or out.  There are many more options with this version that makes it worth the $15 price tag.  If your not sure about it, try out a fully functioning 30 day trial and if you still don’t want to cough up the cash you can continue to use it in its Lite mode.


Here is the old version I had running.


Let’s make note of the look and settings in the old Add-In as things are going to change!


Install the new Add-In and if you need help with these steps check the site for the Quick Start Guide.


The first change you will notice is a new Tab added to your WHS Console as well as the familiar spot inside the server’s settings.



Here is something I wasn’t expecting.  When I clicked on settings I got a welcomed request to import my old settings of Remote Notification. (I un-installed the prior version too)

This Add-In is an enthusiasts dream as there is a ton of control built into it!  Lets have a look at the screens in the settings portion of the Add-In.

image image

imageimage image

And now on to the Tab of the console.


A couple of new things that I noticed right off.  Alex has made it super easy to use external mail servers to send notifications out.  In the settings, Send Tab, you will see SMTP Server Presets.  Simply drop it down to the provider of your choice and provide the credentials for your account.  GMail is easy to use in this fashion but with the old Add-In I always had to look it up to see what the outgoing server name and port were.

I like the console tab.  I can see all my alerts and whether or not the Add-In suppressed sending them out or not.  This should also make it easy to configure the suppression level for alerts I really don’t care to see in my inbox.

I now see additional alert methods via the send tab in settings.

image image

SMS is a welcome addition to this new revision and it also has a Do Not Disturb type scheduling feature so you don’t have to worry about alerts during the nighttime hours.

If you would like an RSS feed of your alerts that has also been added to the mix.

Wrap Up

There is not much else to say about this Add-In and I barely covered all of it’s new features.   It works well and my confidence level in it is high, meaning, I trust the Add-In and it’s author that it won’t fry my server.

Lite Mode vs. $15 Mode


Alex Kuretz has been giving to to the WHS community for a long time and I think it’s worth the $15 not only to say thanks but to unlock the great additional features.

Remote Notification can be found here.

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