RAID and Windows Home Server

Running RAID and Windows Home Server.  I get the feeling we are going to be talking about this topic a lot in the coming months.  Perhaps for the rest of this product’s life.   I want to highlight some articles for you to get us started thinking about RAID and the upcoming release of Windows Home Server that will not include Drive Extender.  Drive Extender, as we know it, was a mechanism that allowed WHS owners to insert a new hard drive and have it automatically added to your drive pool and overall storage.  It won’t be quite that easy with RAID but it will be possible in one form or another.  Stay tuned to the site and forums for even more RAID coverage.

UPDATED: Now featuring RAID on Windows Home Server 2011

Adding RAID to WHS 2011

Dual RAID Setup on Windows Home Server 2011 and adding drives to a RAID 5 array

Mike Faucher, aka PCDoc, of BYOB has released two articles to start us out.

Playing With RAID–Alternative to DE (Part 1)

Playing With RAID–Alternative to DE (Part 2)

Another Round with RAID

There are another couple of articles that should get you started as well.

Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S Review

Tranquil PC Safe Server Module Review

Gigabyte P55-USB3 Intel RAID vs. GSATA2 or JMicron RAID in Windows Home Server

Replacing Drive Extender

The Icy Dock article is especially interesting for those who want to mirror the OS drive.  The Tranquil review is similar in subject.


Jim Collison has started a series on the Drobo that will be interesting to follow.

Can a Drobo Replace WHS Drive Extender? Part 1

There is also no shortage of discussion in the forums on the topic.  I’ll see you in the forums.

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