All about Plex on Home Server Show 259

If you have ever considered Plex or want to know more about it this episode is for you.  I’m also giving you a first look at Tablo.  If you are looking at alternative Media Center products listen in!  This is a big media episode.  A lot of TV, Roku, DVD talk that is centered around the server or NAS in your home.

Special thanks to:

Tony Wraynor

Mike Faucher

Jim Collison

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3 Responses

  1. @jwill_utes says:

    I was listening to the Plex episode yesterday and thought I'd share how I got things to work. When I built my WHS 2011 box a couple months ago I wanted to have my Windows Media Center Recorded TV to be available via Plex. From what I was reading on the internet the problem is really that Plex needs certain naming conventions and the default file name from WMC isn’t recognized by Plex (i.e. isn’t in S02E13 format).

    So I use MCEBuddy to have the .wtv file from Windows Media Center converted to a Plex friendly format and naming convention. I haven’t really benchmarked it but I think it takes about an hour to complete. The bonus of using MCEBuddy is that it also utilizes Comskip to cut the commercials out. So I’m left with a smaller file that I can stream to my Android phone or Nexus 7 tablet from anywhere (inside house or anywhere I have internet) without commercials!! So far I’ve been very pleased with the setup and I hope to document it in more detail.

    It is a little complex to set up at first but has been running perfectly since set up:
    •HTPC (w/ quad tuner card) using Windows Media Center records the shows as .wtv files (multi-gig files)
    •MCEBuddy (running on WHS 2011 box) monitors the Recorded TV folder on HTPC and converts the files to mp4 format and saves them to the Server folder \homeserverRecordedTV
    •Plex Server (running on WHS 2011 box) monitors for new files and adds media to the Plex libraries

    ** My WHS 2011 box is an AMD A10 APU based machine

    Also mentioned on the podcast was ripping movies….. I personally use “Auto Rip N Compress” through Windows Media Center which uses MakeMKV in the background. Once you have it set up it is so easy that a 5 year old can rip DVDs and BluRays.

  2. Mark11374 says:

    Hi guys, you mentioned you are unable to play TV shows recorded with Windows Media Center on Plex. In my setup, when I want a show to play on Plex, I convert the WTV file using MCEBuddy. It converts it to an MP4 format. The converted file is placed in a folder that Plex looks at as My TV Shows. Once there, I can pick any show and watch it on my smartphone. It even picks up all the meta data from the TV program. Converting TV shows this way is very CPU intensive. I like MCEBuddy because you can customize it to start converting shows between certain hours (i.e. 12am to 6am). This way it doesn't slow down your system when you are using it. It even has the capability of removing the commercials when converting and then deleting the original WTV file to save space on your drive.

  3. Gavin says:

    I just listened to this podcast, and I can't believe you have not tried the Readynas Pro 6.
    It has a plugin for Plex media server, and used with the the roku (ver 2 or ver 3) it can play mp4 and properly formatted MKV files flawlessly.
    I have been using this setup for the past couple of years.
    The readynas pro 6 plays this flawlessly.