Performance Comparison of Rumored HP ProLiant G8 MicroServer CPU’s G630T & G530T

By: John Stutsman

When I saw CSKenney’s thread HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer Leaked Specs on the Home Server Show Forums one of the first questions I had was how did the “rumored” CPU’s for the G8 MicroServer compared to previous MicroServer’s and Home Servers.

The purpose of this report is to update the results in  HP ProLiant MicroServer CPU Performance Index Comparisons  where I used PassMark CPU index scores to compare the performance for a variety of devices including the HP MediaSmart series and the HP MicroServer’s N36L, N40L, and N54L.

For Table 1, below, I used the current (May 22, 2013) average CPU PassMark scores and then created a number of columns in Excel to more easily see the relative performance of all CPU’s with alternating Baseline’s for the N36L, N40L, N54L and the rumored G8 CPU’s Celeron G530T & Pentium G630T.


Table 1 — Performance Index Comparison with MicroServer and MediaSmart CPU’s





A Pentium G630T, that is rumored to be one of the choices in the G8 HP MicroServer, provides a 187% performance boost over the N36L that was in the first HP MicroServer but with a corresponding increase in Thermal Design Power (“TDP”) from 12 to 35W. Even when compared to the N54L, which is in the HP G7 MicroServer, the G630T shows a 64% performance increase with an increase of TDP from 25 to 35W.



HP ProLiant MicroServer CPU Performance Index Comparisons

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