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Windows 10 and the Home Server

Are you installing Windows 10? Do you have a server at home or work?  Windows Server 2012? Essentials Server? Let’s talk about the old, and the new! 2016!  Susan Bradley, SBS MVP joins to...


Routers and WiFi on Home Server Show 285

I’m talking routers and WiFi with John Stutsman on this episode of Home Server Show. Why? Because I like the stuff!  John has a new D-Link router, the D-Link DIR 890L/R, and I’ve got WiFi issues....

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The “Big Spider” D-Link DIR-890L/R

By: John Stutsman   Figure 1 — D-Link DIR 890L/R Unboxed   For some time I had been thinking about replacing my aging D-Link DGL-4500. I was looking for something turn-key with AC and...