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Home Server Show 300 Building Boxes

We made it to Episode 300 so expect a lot of “congratulatory backslapping.”  If you remember that phrase then you probably remember HSS Episode 100.  We had some fun on 300 but actually put together...


eero Two Month Review

Two Months with eero When eero finally shipped in late February, I couldn’t wait to get it setup and start tinkering around with all the amazing features that had been marketed to us. Powerful...


Setting up eero

Setting up eero and ScreenShot Gallery One of the features that eero touts is a simplified setup process that would allow the everyday user to get his wireless network up and running in a...


Testing Wifi Speeds before trying eero

Update 3: I am a complete block head. I must have scrambled my brain with 2.4Ghz. I maxed the connection of the EDIMax.  That is the throughput. I maxed it out!  That’s why the...