New WHS Add-in Magic WOL

If you want to save power and energy and still have access to PCs on your network, a good solution is to use Wake-on-Lan. Today we take a look at a new WHS Add-in called Magic WOL that does a great job of remotely waking up your PCs for RDP sessions.

Magic WOL is a clientless solution for the Wake-on-Lan feature for PCs on your home or small office network. You install the Add-in on WHS and it doesn’t require any further software installation on the other PCs on your network.


Installation & Setup

You install Magic WOL as you would most other WHS Add-ins. Move the MSI file to the Add-ins directory in the Software Shared Folder. Launch WHS Console and you’ll see it under Available and it installs easily.


After you restart WHS Console go into Settings and you’ll see Magic WOL in the left panel and a list of computers on your network connected to WHS. It offers a free 30 day trial and is only $7.00 after that.


Once you purchase a license for this Add-in click on the Activate Now button and enter in your license credentials.



Using Magic WOL

To wake up a machine on your local network, select the machine you want to wake and click the Wake Selected button.


Then you’ll see a message that the command has been sent…just click OK to close out of the dialog.


The really neat thing about this Add-in though is you don’t need local access to WHS Console to use it as you can access it from the remote site. So what you can do is log into your WHS Remote site to access the computers on your network. When you log in click on the Magic WOL link under the Websites section.


That opens up the Magic WOL page where you can send the signal to wake up your computers and make them available for RDP.



It also allows you to add computers that are not connected to Windows Home Server but are on your network. It will automatically try to detect another computer on your network automatically (computer must be on).


If it doesn’t find it, click on the Add Computer button and manually add the IP address, MAC address, and Hostname.


If you need to change the configuration of the PCs on your network it allows you to do that too!


Another neat feature of Magic WOL is you’ll receive automatic notification and download when a new version is released. It automatically delivers the new version to your Add-In shared folder so you can easily uninstall the current version and reinstall the new one.


Configure Your Computers for WOL

If you aren’t sure how to get your computer set up for Wake-on-Lan just click the Getting Started link on the remote site and there are full instructions on how to set them up.


It’s really just a matter of making sure the Power Management for your network adapter is configured properly…and / or going into the BIOS and making sure Wake-on-Lan is enabled. If you don’t see the option in your BIOS you might want to update it to the latest version, or update the network adapter driver. Keep in mind that some computers aren’t capable of the Wake-on-Lan feature.


Full Feature List

  • Automatic update notification and download when a new version is released.
  • AJAX web support for data refresh without page refresh.
  • IP Helper that will update out of date IPs WHS may still be using.
  • ARP finder that will update MAC addresses when PCs are online if missed during install.
  • Edit, Delete, and add PCs to the program to monitor and wakeup.

Download Magic WOL Add-in for WHS

If you’ve enjoy Magic WOL leave a comment below or continue the discussion further in the Home Server Show Forums.


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2 Responses

  1. dvn says:

    This is a great add-in in so many ways. Auto-detects connected PC’s, integrated help file, remote WOL… Awesome job, guys. Thank you.