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If you recall my last write up, I was overall impressed with iHomeserver.  The program however had some stated weaknesses.  Since that write up he has released a Beta version which addresses many of the concerns I raised.  In addition, it adds a few enhancements.

Original post:

Changes since my review include:

  • Significantly improved handling of media when iTunes is set to “copy added media to the iTunes Media library” – no more false failures showing up.
  • Importing of iTunes Media Library XML files from other instances of iTunes – automatic matching of data with your the instance of iTunes run by iHomeServer. iHomeServer will then update ratings, play counts, last play dates and playlist membership – this is a great easy way of copying other iTunes metadata across from a personal computer to your iTunes server without having to do a full iTunes folder migration.
  • Ability to change the credentials of user iHomeServer runs iTunes as from the ‘Settings’ dialog
    Ability to run other applications when iHomeServer launches iTunes – configurable to run either before or after iTunes is launched
  • Added ability to alter “Part of compilation” metadata within the metadata editor
  • New Features – Podcast updating, add new podcast, download podcast episodes added; Bug fixes: log file rotation, increased buffers between client and server; icon change on iTunes playlist view; some consoles might timeout their connection with the iHomeServer server – if this happens users will not get updates happening unless they press refresh – this behavior has been fixed.

In addition to these fixes and enhancements, he has indicated that more enhancements are on there way.

Get the download of the Beta here:


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