Movie Storage on Windows Home Server: Blu-ray vs DVD

Ladies and Gentleman!  Welcome to the main event!  Tonight’s fight will determine which movie format is more cost effective to host on a Windows Home Server.  To my left, is the Standard Definition DVD format weighing in at 6 gigs per disc image.  DVD has held the title for over a decade but refuses to retire quietly.  To my right, the Blu-ray High Def format weighing in at a whopping 33 gigs per disc image.  He’s a fresh face in this arena and the critics say he should be the clear favorite in this fight.  Let’s have a good clean fight and we’ll see who comes out on top!



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To do a comparison, we need to set a few assumptions first.  Assume that the cost includes a purchase of the movie and storage on the WHS for streaming around the house.  The price of movies is certainly variable, but we’ll use average prices here for comparison sake.  Let’s assume that the average cost of a Terabyte drive for your Windows Home Server is around $100.  Let’s also assume that (like all of your folders on your server should be), you have your movies folder duplication setting turned on (you wouldn’t want to re-rip them, would you?)

Blu-ray DVD
Cost to Purchase $35 $15
Disc Image File Size 33 Gigs 6 Gigs
Disc Images / TB
30 / 15 166 / 83
Cost To Host $3.33 / $6.66 $0.60 / $1.20
Total Cost to Buy & Host $38.33 / $41.66 $16.60 / $17.20

That’s 2.4 times more expensive to host Blu-ray movies on your server than standard DVD.  For $41.66, you could take your significant other to the movies, get a giant tub of popcorn, a gallon mega-gulp drink and still have a few bucks for gas money!  From a server standpoint, keep in mind that you also will not be able to stream a Blue Ray title over a wireless network (unless you upgrade to 802.11N, maybe).  Yes, blue ray is higher quality video than DVD, but you need to ask yourself if it’s worth the extra expense?  My money is on DVDs.


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