Monitor Kids Activity on the go with Circle Go!

I’ve talked a lot about Circle Home and just today they launched the Android app for the device.  They have also fulfilled a promise made several months ago on how to monitor your devices when they leave the confines of your home network.  Circle go is the service that can do just that.

Circle Go allows you to extend your Circle settings to phones and tablets that are on 4G or other networks other than your own.


The service is $9.95 a month and protects 10 devices.  It can do this by creating a VPN from the device to Circle servers and applying your Circle rules to the device no matter what network they are connected to.

Circle Go uses the Mobile Device Management Protocol (MDM). When you configure a device to participate in Circle Go, the MyCircle app pushes an MDM configuration profile to the device. The user of the device must specifically approve the installation of this profile. iOS manages this installation. Just as the mobile device user must specifically approve the installation of the MDM profile, the user can remove it at any time. The user is in control—the Circle server notices this activity and reports it to the parent.

Once the MDM profile is installed, another configuration profile containing information for the Circle Go Virtual Private Network (VPN) is pushed to the device. From that point on, the device routes its data through the Circle Go VPN. To improve © 2016. Circle Media Inc. All rights reserved. performance, when the device is connected to your Circle-enabled home Wi-Fi, Circle Go does not use the Circle Go VPN. Similar to the ability to remove the Circle MDM, the user can temporarily (or permanently) turn off the VPN. The Circle server notices this activity and reports it to the parent.

I’m sure you have more questions and Circle has most of the answers here.  Don’t have a Circle yet?  Get your Circle today!


Want to read more? I’ve got a full review of Circle here.


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