Microsoft Security Essentials Notifier Add-In for WHS

I found an add-in developer over at, Christian Johnson, and we got chatting.

He asked me what was the most sought after Windows Home Server add-in. According to the Microsoft Connect web site for WHS. It’s a Microsoft Security Essentials add-in.

So for those of you who took the plunge and installed the beta add-in on your WHS boxes, now you have some protection. Problem is you won’t know if updates have been installed or is virus’s have been found.

With the Microsoft Security Essentials Notifier add-in, MSEN, these notification are captured and forwarded to the WHS desktop connector.

With beta of the Microsoft Security Essentials app installed on you server, install the MSEN add-in. Once installed, there is no tab or setting to set in the Console. The notifications will popup on your PC in the WHS connector. Here are a few examples;

msen2 msen1

Here is the connector view.                                                     Here is the Console view.


Here is Microsoft Security Essentials.

So there you have it a quick and easy free Security Essentials Notifier add-in.

Read more about the add-in  here.

Download here.

John Zajdler.

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5 Responses

  1. pulseeng says:

    The Readme.txt file says “Install and verify you have the right version of Microsoft Security Essentials on MS Connect. The download link is below.“. I don’t see anywhere to download from that URL.

    When I try the mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe version from Microsoft’s download site, I get the error “Microsoft Security Essentials can’t be installed on your operating system. You are running a version of Windows operating system that isn’t supported by this program. The Microsoft Security Essential Setup Wizard can only be run on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.” when I try and launch it.

  2. pulseeng says:

    Thanks Chris for helping me. The add-in is working great for me now!

  3. vitony says:

    I have the same problem….Chris: can you publish how this installation error message can be addressed?

  4. Angel says:

    So the add-in is reporting on MSE copies installed on client PCs?