Microsoft Security Essentials Notifier Add-In for WHS

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5 Responses

  1. pulseeng says:

    The Readme.txt file says “Install and verify you have the right version of Microsoft Security Essentials on MS Connect. The download link is below.“. I don’t see anywhere to download from that URL.

    When I try the mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe version from Microsoft’s download site, I get the error “Microsoft Security Essentials can’t be installed on your operating system. You are running a version of Windows operating system that isn’t supported by this program. The Microsoft Security Essential Setup Wizard can only be run on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.” when I try and launch it.

  2. pulseeng says:

    Thanks Chris for helping me. The add-in is working great for me now!

  3. vitony says:

    I have the same problem….Chris: can you publish how this installation error message can be addressed?

  4. Angel says:

    So the add-in is reporting on MSE copies installed on client PCs?