Meetup 2013 Wrap Up

Meetup 2013 has come and gone and I wanted to jump out here and thank all of you who made it possible.  That’s you guys that made the effort to travel to Indianapolis and stay for a weekend to make this the #bestmeetupever, as John Stutsman would say.


It really was a fantastic couple of days.  I know that many of you can’t attend.  I know it’s a stretch and it certainly costs a few dollars to get here and stay for the weekend.  I would like you to hear from other guys about what the Meetup is like though.  You hear it from me all the time.

Now hear it from the guys who attended in this forums post.

Paul Braren has a great post that captures his experience.  I love the photos at the bottom of the post.  He captured a lot of nice shots.

I’m very proud to say we had 53 official attendees present at Meetup 2013.  That is the official number that checked in.  The room was comfortable but I don’t think it would handle many more.  It was borderline crowded.

The Sponsors

I told the attendees how awesome it was to work with this year’s sponsors.  The sponsors for Meetup 2013 were very helpful in getting me materials, handouts, give away items, and help in covering expense.  I cannot thank them enough.

Main Sponsor – Synology

Lunch Sponsor – WD

Breakfast – Home Server Show Sponsor – DrivePop

Equipment Demos – Microsoft, Dewain Robinson and the Atlanta Microsoft Crew

I also would like to thank the following organizations and people:

Fry’s Electronics, The Indianapolis Microsoft Store, Assassin HTPC, Plugable,, ioSafe, SkyDrive, Recorded TV HD.

James Shoemaker, John Stutsman, Tim Black, Kevin Schoonover, Rob Bazemore, Greg Starks, Jim Collison, Mike Faucher, Greg G., PC Eddie, John Aydelotte.

Alan Eisen donated a boatload of gear to give away. Thank you Alan.  I left your name off of the poster. My apologies for that.

I also can’t forget everyone who was there Friday night until 1AM helping me get the whole thing set up.  You guys are awesome.  I can’t possibly list everyone for fear of leaving someone out.

I had been thinking about my opening talk for several weeks. Thank the sponsors, thank the attendees, etc.  I made a note that was something like, “Thanks to the sponsors, without them this wouldn’t be possible.”  When I saw the buzz in the room and everyone talking and having a good time I immediately realized that this line in my speech was all wrong.  It’s the complete other way around.  Without you guys, flying, driving, and putting up good money to attend the meetup would not have been possible.  I hope that I got that point across to everyone attending.


I’m not an event coordinator!  I just play one on a podcast. I’m still learning how to throw these events and there are still ways to improve.  First of all, I think we have outgrown this room but the hotel in general is really great.  We used the lobby to gather and meet and the room is still good for about 50 and under.  I can’t believe the room is rated at 90.  The air conditioning was good and the power held up.  I even managed to get 5 Meg up and 5 meg down on the Ethernet connection.  Lastly, i think I’ll ban the use of fog machines in the finale.


The Little Things

I poured over every detail of this event in hopes of making it perfect for all attending.  That’s an impossible feat but I tried!  Here is the badge. Simple and effective. Logo?  Keep reading.


I even made the IP address on the router to be  8.1, get it?  Check in procedure was all online and done

via the Surface RT.  I thought that was cool!


Pickup your badge, check in on the Surface RT and pick up a goodie bag.  I really could have used a two position kick stand on my Surface like the Surface 2! Laying it flat worked perfectly though.











These posters were throughout the meetup and in the goodie bags.  Just to give you a sense of what it was like.

The following is a little something I shared with the attendees of #meetup2013 that I’ll be talking a little more about soon. Nobody could guess where the logo came from.  It was a little site I created long ago and have since scrapped. Anyone?




#meetup2013 #bestmeetupever

All Meetup 2013 photos can be found here.

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2 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    Great event Dave! I really had a great time, it was nice to finally meet everyone.

    Thanks especially to Mike Howard and Jim Collison for the airport transportation, it was really appreciated.