Meetup 2013 Sponsored by Synology

The 3rd annual Home Server Show meetup is about to get underway and I’m proud to announce the event is sponsored by Synology.  Scheduled for September 21st, the meetup will not just feature but also feature and  This year’s meetup is looking to be bigger and better than the first two combined!  We have more space, more speakers, and a lot more hands on time.  There will be a healthy mixture of  home storage and mobile products.  There will also be a lot of gear and servers and as I said I’m leaving us a lot of time to chat and work with the gear that will be available.


The meetup will be held in the Indianapolis area, Fishers Indiana to be exact.  Here is a map to the address and the hotel information.   Registration can be found at and you have to be registered in order to get in!  Use this registration Link:

If you are coming in on Friday night we will be having a setup party and pre-registration.  Hopefully we can get a lot of you checked in Friday so we don’t lose any time on Saturday morning.  We will be setting up some networking and backend gear and Jim and I will be doing last minute prep for the opening keynote!

Meetup 2013 is sponsored by Synology and I have a big Synology presentation planned right after lunch on Saturday.  There will be three different Synology NAS boxes for you to look at and work with during the meetup.

The DS712+, the DS1513+, and the DS1813+ will all be on hand.  Oh, and see that one in the middle?  Yes, the 5 bay DS1513+. It’s going home with somebody Saturday.  This will be our featured give away item.  A lucky attendee will head home with the 1513 under their arm!


A big thank you to Synology for sponsoring this year’s event.  If you have questions read up on everything at the Home Server Show Forums.  This post has a ton of information about the meetup and those attending.  There is also a thread on how to get from the airport to the venue.  If you need anything put a question there in the forums.  If you are interested in sponsoring a portion of the meetup or have something to offer please get in touch with me by e-mail.  podcast(at)

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4 Responses

  1. @welchwerks says:

    I had installed my DS1513+ 35+ days ago and its been running without a reboot since, running like a champ.

    p.s. The 5th bay has an ssd installed and is waiting for DSM 4.3 so I can try out the caching feature 🙂

  2. @welchwerks says:

    Correction, just saw your forum post. 🙂 installing 4.3 now

  3. G.WadeTech says:

    so it is okay to start spreading the rumor that the meetup has been cancelled to boost my odds of winning?

    Thanks for putting in all the hard work to make this happen.

  4. Android says:

    This particular blog is really awesome as well as informative. thanks for this post