KeepVault announces new price changes and access to your data


KeepVault has announced a new pricing structure for the KeepVault Pro level.

– new flat rate pricing of $0.15/GB/month (when paying yearly) and no per device/seat fees

– buy exactly the storage you need, eg no pricing tiers just buy what you need and upgrade at any time

– the new pricing and the increased flexibility makes KeepVault Pro very price/feature competitive in the Pro/Small Medium Business market

– enhanced backup reports web console showing details per device on the state of your backups

Regular KeepVault users as well as Pro subscribers will have a couple of new ways to access data.

– web access available to both Pro and regular users

– new mobile enhanced website with WebApp for iOS users

– Live chat support in addition to our highly regarded email support

All the details of this announcement can be found here.

Have you tried KeepVault yet?  What are you waiting for?  There is a version for both Windows Home Server and 2011.

Click here to go to KeepVault’s site and setup your free trial today!


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1 Response

  1. MB1 says:

    Um. No. Still Too expensive. I currently use Mozy (the unlimited plan) and have 760 GB backed up offsite. The only thing keep vault offers me is an add-in for WHS which makes the integration seamless. The cost of this seamless integration would be about $1300/year. For that price, I'll stick with my current method:

    1. All live data resides on the server
    2. Put a 2TB drive into a desktop PC (that's always on anyway)
    3. Run SyncToy automatically daily to push changed server files to the 2TB drive
    4. Have Mozy back up the 2TB drive.

    I also have an iOS and Android app so I can access this data from anywhere, as well as from the Mozy website.

    And this method saves me from the opps of accidentally deleting something. I can always restore from the 2TB drive.

    Keep Vault is still over priced. I believe I paid about $90 for 2 years of unlimited, and I currently have 760GB backed up.

    And if I do a major data dump, I can always manually run SyncToy to kick start the process.