Jack of all trades Core i3 Windows Home Server Build

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6 Responses

  1. pcdoc says:

    Nice build. I like the case and it turned out excellent. Great Job on this.

  2. diehard says:

    Good Stuff.

  3. no-control says:

    Thanks. Now that it has been running for a few days I have some further commentary on the case.

    – Fans are actually pretty quiet and move enough air.
    – The Hot Swap Cage doesn’t have any drive activity or power LEDs so a bit annoying if you’re used to that.
    – I was able to fit an IcyDock 3 in 2 into the top 2 5.25″ bays and close the front panel without issue.
    – Hyper-V requires some headbangs against the wall to get running. Thankfully wodysweb’s install guide saved me from teaching the kids any new expletives.

  4. Jcflyer says:

    I have been playing with a Hyper-V core system with multiple Virtual machines. Running Hyper-V with a WHS full time seems like a lot of complications, and overhead. I am concerned with System failure (Hyper-v or whs) you have complicated the task of getting your data off a virtual drive on a physical hard drive. I would think in addition to retrieval complication, the reliability of you data could be compromised. I am curious about your thoughts, experiences, and reasoning for using Hyper-V and the above issues?

  5. What exactly is the meaning of "Jack of all trades" here?

  6. JMC says:

    I've been so busy dealing with large manufacturing projects that I forgot how fun playing with a home system can be.