Intel Shows off the NUC or Next Unit of Computing

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4 Responses

  1. Jamr says:

    I too am excited about all of these new smaller computers coming to market.

  2. John Wills says:

    So is this a Raspberry Pi competitor?

  3. The power cord isn't included in the the package because of the different wall power connectors around the world. for example: usa is different from uk/france/netherlands et cetera.

  4. Yodafett says:

    Just finished building my first NUC and I am really impressed with it. I have a 256GB MSata drive as well as a Intel half height Wireless card connected to it. Really love the 5 sec boot plus the ability to drive 2 90" TVs in our corporate board room. We have the unit appears as a USB hub on the wall with a label pointing to the front usb port for thumb drives.