HP’s New Rules to Access Firmware & Driver Downloads

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5 Responses

  1. DOS76 says:

    Yeah HP isn't forcing you to get extended coverage they just won't update your drivers or firmware anymore if you don't. They say it is what's best for their customers but it sounds like it is what is best for their coffers

  2. Steve McElheny says:

    Thanks John. They are making me rethink our buying decisions. I will bet they back pedal on this after all of us comment on their post.

  3. gothboyuk says:

    It'll be interesting how this works within the EU regulatory system. If, for example, there is an issue with compatibility which is fixed by a bios update but not available to all then various Directives could be (theoretically) breached. We have up to 6 years 'guarantee' that goods will be fit for purpose in the UK. If it isn't fit then remedy is required. One for the legal teams I think!

  4. Steve McElheny says:

    Today I needed to download printer drivers for several HP printers and all their drivers are gone. They said only Proliant products and starting Feb 14th.

  5. Dwayne C says:

    Wow, I am so happy I found this post. We are looking for small branch servers for 37 of our branches this year and the other 71 for 2015. I almost recommended this product to our SR MGMT. I don't understand why HP would go out of their way not to help their customers. They Dell guy has been calling me non-stop for weeks. Guess I will call him back…