HP P222/512 FBWC Unboxing/Installation HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer

• February 18, 2014

By: JohnStutsman



 Figure 1 — HP P222/512 FBWC with Low Profile Bracket attached that I made with the help of my Dermel


While it was delayed by the great storm in the Southeast during the end of January, 2014, my HP P222/512 FBWC finally arrived safe and sound in early February.

Read about it and check out the pictures and performance runs in the HSS Forums at Unboxing/Installing my P222/512 FBWC in my Gen8.



Figure 2 — Installing Windws Server 2012 with Intelligent Provisioning


The As-Built for my Gen8 (as pictured in Figure 2):


  • HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer Xeon E3-1265LV2
  • 16GB ECC RAM (Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/16)
  • OS: Windows Server 2012
  • OS Drive: HP Smart Array B120i RAID Controller – Logical RAID0 Drive made with two (2) physical drives Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD
  • Test Data Drive: HP Smart Array B120i RAID Controller – Logical RAID1 Drive made with two (2) physical drives VelociRaptor WD1500HLHX
  • Pre-Production: Schoondoggy Drive Mount
  • Test Data Drive:: HP Smart Array P222/512 FBWC RAID Controller – Logical RAID10 Drive made with two (4) physical drives VelociRaptor WD1500HLHX
  • iLO4 Advanced
  • Samsung slim external USB DVD RW drive

Note: In Figure 2 with 6 HDDs, 2 SDDs, an external USB DVD drive and the P222 installed the power meter shows 80.2 Watts.



Join us in the HSS Forums with any questions and/or comments on the above and other threads.


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  1. Jase says:

    Do you have logical drive failure issues with the FW-P222? I am on the latest I think 0.55 firmware with 3x4TB in raid5, plus a 4TB backup for essentials/2012R2 with essentials role, I am getting every now and then a logical drive failure on the raid, I just re-enable the logical drives, but for it to keep acting up is not right.

    Just can't pin down the issue at the moment.


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