How to Restart or Shutdown Your WHS From the Console

If you’re new to WHS, there may be times where you want to shutdown or restart it for various reasons. It’s an easy process, and you probably already figured it out, if not, here we’ll take a look at how to do it through the WHS Console.

This is another post in the WHS-101 Series.

Restart or Shutdown WHS from the Console

To shutdown or restart WHS, the best way is to do it through the Console. In the Console click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner.


The Settings window opens and you’ll want to click on the Shut Down button.


The Shut Down window comes up and you can do a Shutdown, Restart, or Log Off.


When WHS is restarting you’ll see a message that you lost connection to your server…this is normal, just click OK and wait for it to come back up.


If the server is near to your location you might want to just kind of watch it to see when it comes back up, or just wait a few minutes and log back into the Console.


WHS is really meant to be on 24/7 so it can work its magic and backup computers on your network and perform other tasks. However, there will be times when you need to shut down or restart it, and doing it through the console is the officially supported way.

This is another post in the WHS – 101 Series. If you have questions or want to discuss it further head to the Home Server Show Forums.

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