How to Install WHS Connector Software

So, you have your brand new WHS version 1 box up and running and want to access WHS from other PCs on your network. Today we take a look at how to install the WHS Connector software so can control the server and its functions.

By installing WHS Connector software on the other Windows PCs on your network, it allows you to connect to WHS, backup your computer(s) nightly, monitor PC health, Setup User Accounts, and remotely administer the server.

Install WHS Connector Software

For this tutorial we’ll be connecting a Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit computer to WHS Version 1 with Power Pack 3.

Probably the easiest way to install the software is directly from the server. In Windows 7 open up Network and you should see your server listed.


If you don’t see it listed, make sure Network Discovery is enabled in Windows 7. There should be a small bar that appears asking if you want to enable it. Or you can right-click on Network >> Properties >> Change advanced sharing settings. Then select Turn on network discovery.


Double click on your server icon and open the Software shared folder. From there you should see the Home Server Connector Software folder and double click on Setup.exe.


The Windows Home Server Connector wizard kicks off…


Accept the MS EULA then wait while the Connector is installed.


It only takes a few moments to complete, and when it’s done you’ll be prompted to enter in your server password.


Then you’ll get the option to wake up the computer to back it up or not. This is entirely up to you, but there have been problems reported about putting the computer back to Sleep or Hibernate mode after a backup is finished. You might want to experiment a bit with this setting. You can always change it later.


When it’s successfully configured you’ll see the following screen. Click Next and hit finish on the installation successful screen.


Now you’ll see the Windows Home Server Console icon in the Notification Area on your Taskbar. You can right-click on it and change a few options, backup your PC manually, and use it to launch the WHS Console. Also notice on the Context Menu that you can uncheck waking the computer up for backups.


You’ll also find an icon to launch the WHS Console in your Start Menu which you can pin to the Taskbar for easy access.

The first time you launch the Console you’ll be prompted to enter the WHS password again and you can check to have it remember the password as well.


Now you can start exploring the WHS Console and checking your storage space, start backups, add users, manage shared folders and more…which we’ll be covering in more WHS 101 tutorials coming soon!


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  1. Jack Feeman says:

    So where can I download the most recent version of this connector software for my original WHS box? Thanks