How To Add and Manage User Account on WHS

Once you have your WHS setup, you’ll want to add new users so they can access the files stored on it. Here we’ll walk you through the process of adding a new user and configuring the access they have to shared folders.

Add a New User to WHS

The first thing you need to do is open the WHS Console and select User Accounts. To add new users and manage their settings you’ll want to be logged in with Administrator credentials.


If this is the first time adding a new user, you’ll see the following screen which explains User Accounts, User Access, and Password Policy. If you don’t need to see this screen next the time you add a user, check Do not show this message again then click OK. If you need additional help understanding user accounts, there is some good information in the help files.


In the next screen of the Add User Account wizard enter in the user’s name, Logon name, and if you want to allow them Remote Access. Remote Access allows the user to log into the server over the web while they are in another location. If you’re unsure which setting to go with, you might want to disable Remote Access until you have a better feel for the process.


Now enter in the user’s Password twice, making sure to include the correct requirements which is at least 7 characters.


Next select the shared folders you want the new user to have access to, and the type of permissions they have. If you’re not familiar with the different types of permissions, it’s actually fairly simple.

  • Full – This gives the user the ability to create, change, or delete files in the shared folder.
  • Read – This only lets the user view and read files in the shard folder. They won’t be able to make any changes to files, delete, or create anything new in the shared folder.
  • None – This one is self-explanatory, None means no permissions to the folder at all and they won’t have access to it.

The types of access you give each user is up to you, and you may have to tweak them once you get started. For example, you might want a user to be able to read the Documents folder, but not have the ability to make any changes to the files.


After you’ve figured out shared folder access, click Finish, and give it a few moments while the new user is setup.


Now when you go into User Accounts in the WHS Console, you’ll see the new user listed and a basic overview of their account.


Managing User Accounts

Now that the new user account has been setup you can manage it from the Console. Right-click on a user and select the task you want to perform. For example you can remove an account, change the user password, or disable the account.


Here we take a look at the user properties, and from here you can change their Remote Access permissions, change their name, or password.


Or select the Shared Folder Access tab and go through and make adjustments to the folders they have access to.


After making changes, they won’t go into effect until the next time they log into their account.


Depending on what folders you give the user access to will determine what they see when they log in.


For example after this user logged in, they don’t have access to the Other Documents shared folder, and will see the following message.


Or if they are accessing a Read-Only document, they won’t be able to delete or make changes to the original file on the server. This can be very handy if you want documents that are Read-only and don’t want to change permissions in each document individually.


Once you get your WHS setup you will probably want to setup users for your household or small office. This should get you started with adding and managing the users on your network. After a while we’ll be taking a look at some more advanced options you can do with users on your network.

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