Home Server Status Add-In for Windows Home Server 2011

Home Server Status version 2.01 is a great addition to Windows Home Server 2011.  If you are running the newest home server from Microsoft and are missing the old WHS tray icon that gave you simple status updates you are in luck.  This little gem for $6.95 has it and a little bit more.

This is one of those pieces of software that was written out of desire for a past option that worked really well and yet disappears from future Microsoft upgrades. I like the developer mentality of, “If it doesn’t exist, I’ll just write it.” This “code for myself” attitude drives software today and it’s great to see.  It’s highly apparent in Home Server Status when you see little additions like the file and URL links you can personalize it with.  I love this stuff.

Download and Install

The download can be found in the HomeServerShow.com forums here.  Support for the add-in is also offered in the forums as well.  When there are updates to the software you will be able to find them here. 



The install is simple and professional.








When first launched you are given the option for the free 14 day trial or you can purchase a key and enter it.




Once installed it is very intuitive to use and set up.  The program will launch in your taskbar but when you click it nothing happens.  Try a right-click to get to the settings dialogue.



The first thing you will probably want to do is get the program off the taskbar and into your tray.  In the settings box the option is in the bottom left.



The remaining options are just as simple.  Grab the MAC address of your server if you want to wake it from it’s slumber.   Enter in your remote domain name to initiate a web remote access session to your server.

There is an admin password for the settings box as well.



The biggest feature of the add-in has got to be backup up status.  Windows Home Server 2011 no longer gives you feedback when your computer is backing up.  Home Server Status solves this problem.

If you choose to use the task bar icon, pinned or not, your icon will show the progress of your backup in green, just like you see when you download files in your Internet browser or copy a file with Windows Explorer. Hover over the icon and you will see the percentage of the backup. If you choose to use the tray icon, simply hover over the icon to see the percentage of your backup in progress or watch the counter


In the WHS version 1 days I had a list of Add-Ins that I recommended and always installed for customers.  This Add-In is now the first on the list for Windows Home Server 2011.   The price tag of $6.95 is well worth it.  Find it here to start your 14 day free trial but I guarantee that you won’t need that long to decide you like it.

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  1. timekills says:

    Really like the beta version, definitely need to get the full version.