The Home Server Show Digital Cleanup Episode 245

Do you need to clean up your digital life?  How about get started for 2014? We quickly go over a few items to get you started.  We talk some CES too.  Good fun show.  Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday.  Thank you for listening to this podcast over the years and participating in the forums.  Many thanks to Jim, John, John S., Kevin, and everyone who has been on the podcast.  Many thanks also go to forum mods, admins, and the guys that post out there each and every day. Chris, DVN, thank you.  Also, to the BYOB guys for continuing a great show.  Let’s have more in 2014!  The thank you list is way too long for this article. Just know you are appreciated. Talk with you after the holiday!

You want to see this podcast! John shows some gear at the end and it’s great on video.  I can’t say much for the hosts because it was just one of those nights where we had horrible video.  John looked great!  Watch here. Fun pre show stuff too! (psst, dont tell Jim, but Santa may drop by his house in an Amazon truck on the 23rd.) site is up but not finished.

Crypto Locker Copy Cats

The Schoondoggy Gen 8 Drive Mount

Digital Cleanup Conversation in the Forums

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