Help me feed my reading habit with

Or should I say listening habit?  Fact is, I love to read and listen to books and podcasts.  That’s why I do what I do.  I’m excited to share my Audible links with you now.  This is not an official “sponsorship.”  This is simply to feed my love for books.

I know you hear about Audible on a thousand different podcasts.  I do too.  Yes it sometimes gets old so I’m going to keep this short and when I do it on the podcast I’ll keep it short there too.   If you haven’t tried please try it now.  You get a free book and I get some credit to keep getting more books! Just try it knowing that you are helping out HSS.

If you are already an subscriber please consider clicking on my ad before you shop for that next book.  That’s it!

The only other thing I ask is that you share your reads with me.  What are you reading?  What have you listened to on Audible that you enjoyed?

Happy Holidays! Download a FREE audiobook today!

Free for 30 days and a Free AudioBook!

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