Gen 8 Microservers on Home Server Show 227

There is a new Microserver in town but what makes it better than the last generation? Listen in to hear all the details and whether or not you should get the last gen or step up to the new Gen8 Microserver.  Also, at the end of the show I’ll list all the give away items i’ve collected so far for the 2013 Meetup. Enjoy and see you in the forums.

Thanks to John, Kevin, Chris, and Jim for recording episode 227 with me.  This is a great group of guys and you can find them in the HSS forums. Join and chat today.

Youtube available here.

Shownotes provided by: Mr. Microserver

HP ProLiant MicroServers

Gen8 MicroServers

Setup, Install, Configure


User Guide





Intel Celeron G1610T


Intel Pentium G2020T 2.5GHz

PassMark  2528 TDP 35W

Intel C204 Chipset

Quick specs

Product Sheet

Product Info

Interesting comment at Tom’s Hardware on the C204,2933-3.html

HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i

Gen8 Information Library

HP iLO Management Engine

HP iLO Management Engine Library

HP iLO Management Engine Quick Specs

Newegg links to Gen8 Microservers (thanks Chris)

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