HP MS G8 2.5" drive bracket, revision history, New REV 3.5 and Rev 4 info

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I tried to mount my fans yesterday but didn't have the right size screws after I wired them up to the right connectors: V78x9yN.jpg


I think the two same ones might be M3? and the other M2, but having a hard time finding right length M2/M3 screws, as well as little nuts to secure them :/ 

The holes in the SDM are drilled for M3 screws. All of the 30MM fans and blowers I tried worked with M3 screws, but mounting hole sizes do vary from vendor to vendor. The fan to cool the RAID card seems to be standard screw pattern. The mounting locations for the two blowers may need some fine tuning to the blowers or the SDM as the screw pattern for blowers seems to vary. For nuts, I use ones with lock washers attached like these:


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SDM R4 and R3.5 notes:

Here is a 40mm x 15mm (15mm is the max) fan in the P222 position:


Here is a 40mm x 15mm fan in the LSI/M1015 position:


I am shipping the SDM R4 with self tapping fan screws, two different sizes as 40mm fan mounting hole vary in size. I was concerned about the heads of the fan screws sticking up too far and touching the back of your drive circuit board, so I am including nylon spacers to add 1mm of clearance:


Like the SDM R3, the SDM R4 and R3.5 are designed to be installed under the small power supply tab. I made them smaller than the R3 so they should fit better:


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haha yeah I want it all perfect with screws. I've got the interior as sleek as possible for airflow with my added card and cooler + these drifves, though the main fan never goes over 28% really and is hardly audible behind what's on the TV or from my PC fansl.

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