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    • RobWu
      By RobWu
      Hi all,

      Maybe a silly question, but can you do a full restore of a pc, but on a new (and different sized) disk?

      I have one pc that has a failing disk, and I can go the clone(zilla) disk to disk route to move the data over, and resize it to the new size.
      But I was wondering if it's possible to use the USB restore stick in a way that you can do the same?
      I cannot seem to find any good info on this online.

      If not, this would be a nice addition to the restore tools... ;-)
    • miker
      By miker
      I've just installed my first Synology NAS, a Ds416play, after many years of running Windows Home Server (RIP).  I now must face developing a backup strategy for several PC clients which I hope to backup to the Synology NAS.  I'm considering the three alternatives, including:
      1) The client backup solution provided by Synology, Cloud Station Backup, or
      2) The client backup solution provided by MS, namely File History, or
      3) The generally popular Acronis solution, True Image 2016.
      I do understand that the first two are file level backup strategies while the third is a disk level tool, but I wonder what other advantages or disadvantages have been noted by others here on the forum
      Thanks, guys, for helping a newbe to the Synology world.  Best...  miker
    • nlitend1
      By nlitend1
      I upgraded 2 identical systems (both running windows 7) to SSDs and restored images via WHS 2011 and noticed that one of the systems is not running AHCI mode (according to AS SSD benchmark and device manager). I made the 2 registry changes already in windows according to this guide....
      http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/61869-ahci-enable-windows-7-vista.html   I then made sure that the BIOS had SATA configured as AHCI (and not IDE). After reboot, I did not get prompted to install the AHCI drivers and the performance is significantly less with the system that appears to be running in IDE mode.   The following are two strange things:  1. Changing the BIOS setting to AHCI or IDE never gives me a BSOD. 2. Stablebit scanner states that both TRIM and NCQ are both working on the SSD and from what I can tell NCQ cannot run without AHCI mode.   This system apparently appears to be "stuck"... in what appears to be IDE mode...Any ideas on what to try at this point? Am i looking at a clean install or even worse... corrupted BIOS?    Thanks!   nlitend1
    • wrouffa
      By wrouffa
      I require some guidance.
      I own an HP MediaSmart Server running WHS V1.  In addition I have a series of computers which I backup to the server on a regular basis.  Recently I upgraded two of then from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  I was able to successfully install the connected software and have continued to run backups with no issues.  I now need to access some of the backups.  When I try to restore (manage) a backup on the server it goes through the normal "opening" process but at the end when the file explorer window pops open, it flashes open momentarily and then closes.  I'm guessing this is an issue with Windows 10 and the new File Explorer. 
      Does anyone have suggestions on how I might proceed to access the backups?
    • Mr Bill
      By Mr Bill
      I recall John talking about direct connection of a HD, which you wish to restore, to the server. As I recall he mentioned that there was an application that you ran once you had RDP’ed into the server.
      I don’t recall the program that you ran on the server to do the restore.
      Do you know the program and or where this process is documented?
      Since I have an external ESATA dock I had figured that it would be quicker to do the restore this way.
      Thanks for your support.
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Creating a Client Restore Disk

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I'm running WHS 2011 as a Hyper-V VM and everything has been fine. This weekend I got a new upgraded hard drive for my laptop and I decided to use WHS to migrate everything to the new drive and avoid a reinstall. However, I quickly found what seems to be a big flaw in 2011. I see no way to create a restore CD/DVD. I only have the option to create restore USB drive. Well, I can't access USB drives from a HyperV VM so this is quite impossible. Is there no way to create a CD? Or perhaps can I create the restore USB drive from a client computer rather than from the server? Have I royally screwed myself by putting WHS2011 on a VM?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Here is the easiest way. The CD should have come with the software or you can download it from MS if you have a technet account. Attach the drive to a different computer and watch the video. This should work. It is a bit more complicated in VM but this should help.



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You can download a trial version of USB over network and create a USB restore key that way. I did this and it worked like a charm. You can run the server part of the software either on the host server or a completely separate workstation and plug the USB into the server software system. Then run the client software on the VM and it sees the USB drive like it was plugged in to the VM.


I created an image of the USB drive after I made it, which I could upload if you really can't do it any other way. Although since I made it on an 8GB drive, I think the image is 8GB since it makes a bit-for-bit image.



Plus you can add iTunes devices and hard drives that way. I run iTunes on a VM, use USB-over-Network to remotely plug in my iDevices intitially than synch them wirelessly after that.


*edit 2*

As a compressed file it is 650MB. So you could download and unzip it and restore it to any USB drive 8GB or >.


Now, back to the NBA All-Star game...

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