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So an idea crossed my mind that might make for a good add-in..


Imagine you had an easy way to check the backup status of multiple home servers at a glance..


You're a small business, and you've deployed Home Servers to other small businesses or homes as a simple appliance to backup their PC's.


It would be nice if there were an add-in that reported Home Server's backup status out to a website where you could check the status of several of these at at time without having to actually remote into those machines.


The same could apply if you had a large family or a circle of friends that you had talked into getting home servers...

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How about the add-in from Alex Kuretz? Remote Notification


It doesn't put the information on a web site but you can set it up to notify multiple email addresses or SMS. So as a service provider you could put your business email address as well as the email address of the business using the server. Both would be notified of daily status AND you also can get immediate notification if the server has an error.


I should have mentioned this currently only works on WHS v1. Alex is looking into WHS2011.

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Thanks for the info guys. I should have been more clear in that I was looking for something for WHS / SBS 2011.


Remote notification looks really good, I hope he ports it to 2011.

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